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Myo Remote for Kodi Setup

1 Oct 2016

This tutorial will walk you through all the necessary steps to download and configure Kodi, and use Myo Remote for Kodi to control the interface.

Step 1: Download Kodi

  1. Visit:
  2. Select your Platform and begin download.
  3. Setup Kodi as explained on their Website for each Platform

Step 2: Download Myo Remote for Kodi

  1. Visit this App Store link to download Myo Remote for Kodi.

Step 3: Setup Kodi for remote control

  1. Open Kodi
  2. Go to: System > Settings > Services > Remote Control
  3. Enable both Options

Step 4: Find the System Details for the App

  1. Go back to Home.
  2. Go to: System > System Info > Summary
  3. You will need to use the IP Address:

Step 5: Enter the Details

  1. Open Myo Remote for Kodi
  2. Tap on Configuration
  3. Select the IP Address text field
  4. Type the Address that you found in Step 4

The Default port for Kodi is 8080, so you don't need to change it

Step 6: Setup Authentication (Optional)

  1. From Home, go to: System > Settings > Services > Webserver
  2. Enable 'Allow control of Kodi via HTTP'
  3. Enter the Username and Password Details you want
  4. (Optional) Change the Port Number

Any changes you make here will make Myo Remote for Kodi to be unable to communicate with Kodi.

So, you also need to update any of this data to the App after every change.

Step 7: Learn the Gestures

A detailed guide is included in the App.

You can go through this guide at any time and learn the gestures

Remember: Practice makes perfect!


  • NOTICE: If the IP Address of the Kodi Platform changes, you need to go through Step 4 and 5 to configure the App with the new IP Address. Otherwise, you won't be able to control Kodi
  • If the Password is empty, the App will be able to control Kodi, even if the App is configured with a Username and Password