Antonis Katzourakis


iOS Apps:

Miss Pong? The classic arcade game? Why not taking it to a whole new Level?
Use your Myo from Thalmic Labs to reach maximum entertainment!
Use 1 or 2 Armbands and compete against your Friends or the Computer. Myo Pong on the AppStore

Selfie-sticks need an Upgrade. Use your Myo armband to get the best shots of you and your friends, even when you are 10m away from your phone. Myo Selfie-stick on the AppStore

Use your Myo armband to control Kodi with Gestures and Movements.
Combine two Powerful tools to take your every day Entertainment to a whole new Level! Learn everything you need to know through the included Guide in the App, practice to learn all the combination of gestures and start using your Arms to control the Interface of Kodi.

You can learn how to configure it on this tutorial... Myo Remote for Kodi on the AppStore